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With specially formulated activities and services that tend to corporate groups in search of leisure, Promo Tours defines the passion for pleasure. Whether breakfast sailing the Nile on a felucca or dinner at the heart of the Karnak Temple with its illustrious history and heritage, or teeing off for a round of golf with the captivating view of the Great Pyramids of Giza as a mesmerizing backdrop, will definitely reinforce the divine notion of a Greater appreciation


Incentive, meeting & Conference activities

At Promo Tours, we go a few extra steps to ensure total satisfaction. With our special benefits featuring never-seen-before type of a grandeur hospitality and comfort, that redefines known guidelines for relaxation and ease for any guest. No more worries about the long lines at Immigration or Customs, Promo Tours will even pick up your luggage!
In the past, it has been very successful when managers stage conferences and incorporate an Incentive Package within it, after all, it would be a shame to come to Egypt and not get to sense its rich history and modern appeal.
As a means of hyping and exciting soon-to-be guests, specialized programs are available and may be implemented:

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Beach Breakfast (Sharm El Sheikh, Hurghada or Mersa Alam)
Felucca Champagne Breakfast (Cairo, Luxor & Aswan)
The Egyptian Village Night (Cairo)


The day starts at one of the most picturesque locales in the world. Guests will enjoy the cool shade beneath the palm trees as they walk barefoot on the soft, yellow sand to get to their gourmet breakfast table as hotel staff serve and pour the champagne.

Begin the day sailing down the Nile accompanied by Promo Tours Service Staff dressed in traditional fishermen garb to ensure guests get the best of what they want. A large lavishly designed breakfast with champagne will be served as the wind takes guests deep into the heart of the Nile.


Be welcomed into a lavishly decorated hotel ballroom. A soft floor of oriental rugs, leather cushions and camel saddles are placed around low brass tables. An array of jugglers, fortune tellers and folklore dancers create a lively atmosphere and hours of fun-filled entertainment.

Red Sea Bedouin Night (Sharm El Sheikh or Hurghada)
Champagne Breakfast with Queen Hatshepsut (Luxor)
Karnak Temple Gala Dinner (Luxor)


An Arabian night to no doubt cherish for years to come. Guests will be treated to a stunning desert venue beneath the bright glow of the moonlight as well as hundreds of candles as the area is a replica of a Bedouin village, with poufs scattered around and artistic Bedouin napkins and glasses. Live entertainment by a traditional band along with a show and tanoura program guests will be basking in the charm of the moonlight, Bedouin style!
Along with the activities and impeccable services offered by Promo Tours, a few fun activities that challenge the mind as well as the body are available and prove to be popular amongst a wide range of different people.

Throughout the storied course of Egyptian history, few women stand out like the most fascinating not to mention powerful Queen Hatshepsut.
This Luxor champagne breakfast jubilee kicks off before dawn with a quaint ferry ride to the West Bank where upon arrival to the temple of this Great Queen, guests will witness one of the most beautiful sunrises in the world.
As light ascends on the land, guests will be served a lavish breakfast accompanied by champagne and brought by butler.

Guests will be mesmerized by the thunderous Sound and Light Show in Karnak Temple. Luxor extends this glorious event by incorporating with it a gourmet dinner near the fabulous temple.
After guests enjoy the temple show in the language of their choice, they are treated to an extraordinary buffet befit any Great Pharaoh.
Guests will experience by a stick fight and the unique music of Rababa while gulping down their tasty meals.